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Ranveli Beach Resort's Foods & Beverages Menu

Snack Menu
Ranveli Beach Resort - Mount Lavinia served following mouth watering snacks menu for our guests.
SLR 450.00Club Sandwich with French Fries
SLR 300.00Egg Sandwich with fries
SLR 350.00Chicken Sandwich with fries
SLR 400.00Cheese & Tomato Sandwich with fries
SLR 375.00Toasted Cheese with Green Chilies
SLR 525.00Chicken & Chips
SLR 525.00Fish & Chips
SLR 600.00Grilled Pork with Chips
SLR 300.00Boiled Vegetable Salad
SLR 300.00Potato Wedges
SLR 275.00French Fries
SLR 425.00Devilled Chicken
SLR475.00Devilled Pork
SLR 500.00Devilled Fish
SLR 475.00Devilled Beef
SLR500.00Devilled Prawns
SLR 500.00Devilled Cuttle Fish
SLR 225.00Boiled or Devilled Grams (Kadala)
SLR225.00Devilled Soya
SLR 300.00Fish Fingers (5 pcs)
SLR 350.00Chicken Nuggets (5 pcs)
SLR400.00Chicken Sausages (5 per portion)
SLR 475.00Pork Sausages (3 per portion)
SLR 350.00Fried Chicken

SLR 390.00Savory Omelet with French  Fries

Beverages Menu
Ranveli Beach Resort - Mount Lavinia served you following beverages for our guests.
SLR 150.00Pot of Tea
SLR   90.00Cup of Tea
SLR 200.00Pot of Coffee
SLR  90.00Cup of Coffee
SLR 225.00Nescafe
SLR 200.00Fresh Lime Juice
SLR 300.00Fresh Mango Juice
SLR 225.00Fresh Papaya Juice
SLR 300.00Fresh Orange Juice
SLR  100.00Soft Drinks (Coke, etc)
SLR100.00Bottle of Mineral Water
*** All prices are subject to 10% service charge plus government taxes.